The Magic of Jade


Jade stones are a tool I use often in my facial room. Jade is a mineral known to reduce inflammation, increases circulation, and promote healing of the skin. I incorporate this wonderful stone through the use of a jade roller, jade gua sha, or simply the stone itself. Jade enhances detoxifying and post-surgical facial care.

Jade is green and white in color. The stone’s properties are naturally healing. Jade is composed of iron, magnesium, and calcium. This non-porous stone remarkably conducts heat and cool alike, making this an ideal mechanism for facial skin massage.

Massage, on a cellular level, increases circulation and promotes detoxification. Using the jade stone roller with gentle pressure supports lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage is a superficial massage with direction to assist in flushing toxins through the lymph system. This is where toxins manifest and create superficial inflammation and swelling.

Lymphatic drainage is excellent when detoxifying or after overindulging with salts, preservatives, alcohol, or other inflammatory stressors, as well as, for post-surgical applications to move out blood and medication which minimizes bruising and swelling.

Gua sha is a very firm friction technique using a tool with a wedge or horn like in shape. In my facial room you receive a modified version to exfoliate, increase blood flow and healing. The traditional Chinese application commonly produces blood at the surface to the point of bruising. (Yea, so this isn’t for everyone.)

The stone organically meets varying needs. For example, if skin is irritated presenting red or pink in appearance, the stone reduces inflammation; if the skin is sluggish or depleted it effectively increases circulation and a pleasant pink complexion appears.

Responses I’ve observed are intriguing. I anticipate the physical characteristics formerly described but there is an unprovoked reaction of curiosity from my clients. As it turns out, Jade lifts Qi. Pronounced Chi or Chee. Qi is the life force energy which governs our physiological functions of organs and meridians. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) jade is good for emotional and mental balance, calms the mind, and reduces symptoms of depression.

The Jade stone itself is therapeutic. It is known to restore the heart chakra, activate balance, and soothe disturbed emotions. Explore this for yourself when lying, sitting, or meditating. Hold the jade in your hand or place it on your heart while lying down.

Known to promote health, wealth, and vitality, jade is easily accessible through the internet. Jade is a safe, satisfying, and natural complement to your skin and wellness routine.

Shannon Downey