Transition into Winter


As we let go of fall and flow into winter consider this simple focus: hydration and rest will ease the transition into the season ahead. 

For many of us December’s festivities include holiday lights, late nights, and on-going celebrations. This lifestyle is out of sync with our natural bio-rhythm. Our organs, including our skin, are challenged to function with ease. This extravagance can lead to a compromised immune system. Symptoms can include inflammation and dehydration. Inflammation can present as blemishes, red blotches, and dry patches on our skin. Dehydration appears as a coarse harsh complexion. 

Distressed is not the look were going for!

For a beautiful complexion, a good mood, and robust immune system; hydration and good sleep are essential. 


Inside out

Flow into winter hydrating and replenishing with succulent fruits vegetables and plants. 

  • Artichokes and Leeks
  • Cucumber and Watermelon
  • Aloe juice

Outside in

  • My hydrating antioxidant facial is soothing and leaves your skin purified, glowing, and radiant.  
  • Remember to cleanse complexion on the celebratory late nights! A make-up eraser cloth will suffice.
  • Keep your face and hands covered outdoors.


  • Avoid hot baths and long showers because your skin will become red and dry.
  • Celebratory food and drinks can bring on bloat and dehydration. Aim for at least 3 clean days a week.
  • Meditate. Make just 20 minutes. If you’re too busy, then make 40 minutes!

Success is achieved through external and internal modifications in your routine. The aim is to prevent, correct, and restore your skin health during this busy time of year. Stop for minute to close your eyes, breathe, and reset your clock (especially when you’re feeling stressed). Keep the focus on yourself so you can show up and be present for your life and loved ones. 


Shannon Downey