Is That Spring I See?


In Chicago this week the hope of spring has been in the air! Let’s keep that momentum going and boost our skin’s metabolism with a facial. Planning for change will get us through the home stretch of winter.

Outside in

The February featured facial by Madeline is a hydrating oxygenating treatment that will increase circulation and aid in the removal of toxins which will support skin metabolism. This soothing antioxidant treatment leaves skin purified, glowing, and radiant for the seasons ahead. As always, treatment steps and ingredients are customized to meet your needs.

Inside out

Go for the Inversion!

Inversions are the fountain of youth in yoga. Turning upside down, or bringing the head below the heart, can bring more oxygen and blood flow to the brain and boost your metabolic rate.

When I think of inversion, I think teeter or legs on the wall. Some other common inversion poses include; dolphin, downward facing dog, extended puppy pose, and plow.

Proper supervision is required to ensure a successful experience and prevent injury. (Abstain if you’re on ladies’ holiday, reversal of blood flow should be avoided.)


Sweet Orange Essential Oil (EO) 

Deliciously juicy and refreshingly sweet this is a staple oil for creating bright, uplifting, and invigorating ambiance. Place drops of EO in a carrier oil and apply to wrists and neck, include oil in the bath, a diffuser or direct palm inhalation.

Nourish yourself with a kind and gentle approach. Taking this time for yourself is a gift not a chore.

Winter may get weary but we are more than two thirds the way through the season. How we care for ourselves now directly impacts how we look, feel, and move into spring.


I look forward to seeing you,


Shannon Downey