Spring Break, Not SKIN Break: Cultivate Your Travel Skincare Routine


A warm weather getaway soothes the mind, body, soul, and complexion. However, returning home from a break feeling rejuvenated can be dampened by skin eruptions, and dry or sun burned skin. Simple preventative solutions can help you avoid lasting troublesome skin problems.

We break our routines when we travel. Naturally, our systems reacts and can act out. Cultivate a skin care travel routine. With consistency, you will identify your body’s triggers and implement effective solutions accordingly.

•    Discontinue skin sensitive ingredients before you leave for your destination
•    Load travel size containers with current products and anticipate how to be flexible
•    Sun protection and hygiene: think ahead
•    Maintain hydration through water intake and high water content foods
•    Treat yourself to an at-home facial before you blow this popsicle stand

2 weeks ahead:    Consider your destination. If sun, heat, or wind are unavoidable, and you’re using products to treat pigment, acne or advanced aging, topicals containing retinol or acids (Rx or OTC) should be discontinued 10 days before departure. This will prevent avoidable sun damage, dry skin, and undesirable skin staining. (Also, avoid facial waxing the upper lip especially if on birth control pills.)

1 week ahead: Load your travel size containers with the products you’re currently using. The temptation to use up your smorgasbord of samples for convenience is often the initial culprit for skin problems. Travel is not the time to experiment. Since you’ll already be adapting to new elements, your body will thank you for using familiar ingredients. You should have an established backup plan (discussed with Madeline) for accessible products in the event of spillage, confiscation, or misplaced products. 

Before you leave: For a radiant, amber complexion, try your hand at an anti-inflammatory, hydrating and naturally cosmetic-enhancing DIY facial. Mix a generous tablespoon of organic plain yogurt with a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of turmeric powder and blend. Apply a smooth, even layer to your cleansed face. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse. Caution: use a designated towel as turmeric will permanently stain. Get your natural bronze on with this soothing, hydrating, and healthy facial mask.

Before going outside: Since sun protection takes twenty minutes to activate, apply it while you’re getting dressed. Regardless of the SPF strength, it needs to be reapplied every 2 hours. You won’t avoid getting sun altogether, but can prevent the harmful UVA rays which sabotage your complexion.  Remember: sunrays go through clouds and reflect off of the snow. Whether you’re skiing, swimming or strolling outside on a cloudy day, arm yourself with a variety of sun protections. Opt for the shade when possible. 

At your bedside: Have access to single-use disposable face wipes. While these aren’t ideal for everyday thorough cleansing, they are practical when you’ve had a long late night. In the morning, resume your normal routine.

In your bed: Depending on how sensitive your skin is and where you are sleeping, the fabric softener, harsh ingredients and materials at your destination may produce skin inflammation. Bring your own pillow case or hand towel to place on your pillow, this is helpful to avoid irritation of your face.

Throughout the trip: Hydrate from the inside out to avoid breakouts, dry skin, and inflammation. Water supports cleansing, proper elimination, and the regeneration of cells resulting in elasticity and clear skin. Drink lots of water and eat foods with a high water-content. Many fruits travel well without refrigeration. While water refueling is always important, when traveling, it should be emphasized to combat the stress of taxing environmental shifts and routines.

When you return: Resume your skin care routine and schedule your next facial appointment per your esthetician-Madeline’s recommendation. If you are not clear on when your products should be discontinued or resumed or are uncertain of your back-up plan, please contact me directly. 

Here’s to safe and adventurous travels! 
Bon Voyage,

Shannon Downey